Gross Decon with SC Products

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Gross Decon with SC Products

To help mitigate carcinogens, organizations should have gross decon be a part of their overall program for the selection, care and maintenance of structural firefighting ensembles and ensemble elements. The following procedures can help you set up a simple SOP.

Gross Decon Procedures:

Directly after exiting a fire or emergency scene, if your turnout gear and PPE have been contaminated in any way, perform a gross decon. It does not matter what type of fire; car, dumpster, structure, training burn, etc.

After exiting the fire or emergency scene, firefighters shall remain on SCBA air. If the cylinder is empty, switch to ambient air.

If the firefighter is going back in after an air cylinder change, simply dry brush debris from the SCBA, face piece, and helmet before changing out the cylinder.

Dry or wet gross decon shall be performed when the firefighter is completely finished on the scene. Do not remove any of your turnout gear and PPE and stay on air.

Dry decon needs to be performed before wet decon.

If temperatures are below freezing, perform a dry decon by using a soft bristle brush to remove any debris from turnout gear and PPE.

In ideal conditions, wet mitigation will be done. Gently rinse off debris from the outside of your turnout gear and PPE. Use a low-pressure and low volume flow of water to create a fine mist. High pressure and high volume water flow can damage the gear. Do not heavily scrub the gear or use high velocity power washers.

To help with the wet decon, mix a ratio of CitroSqueeze® 1:5 premixed in a bucket and brush on or spray directly from a properly labeled quart bottle to help further remove carcinogenic materials, dirt grease and grime. Gently rinse away.

Next, the firefighter needs to bag up all turnout gear and PPE. If possible, do not place bagged gear in the cab of the apparatus or any other vehicle where there is the risk of breathing the off gassing of contaminated turnouts.

Now the firefighter should wipe face, hands, and neck with an approved wipe. As soon as possible, take a shower.

Preform a quick clean on scene using SC-14®

After gross decon is performed and the transportation of gear has come back to station, PPE should have an advanced clean as quickly as possible.

An advanced clean, as per NFPA 1851, can be done by a trained organization using their own extractors that have been programmed for cleaning turnout gear or a Verified ISP.

Hoods. Gloves. Boots and Helmet Parts (such as shrouds) will also be in need of advanced cleaning as per NFPA 1851.

Use SC-14® All Purpose Station Cleaner on all parts of the helmet including face or eye protection should also be cleaned and wiped off.

Use SC-14® All Purpose Station Cleaner for SCBA’s and face mask.




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