The SC Products Story

Like many truly effective products, CitroSqueezeⓇ and the rest of the SC Product family of cleaners came about from one of those interesting "happenstances" we often hear of. Originally developed as a specialized bilge and surface cleaner for the maritime industry, a fire fighter was doused in a large barrel of the cleaning solution during a fire in a shipyard. Following a thorough hose down to decontaminate him, he came out clean as new puppy, free of oil and soot that had contaminated so many of his colleagues' bunker gear during the fire. After some tweaking in the lab, CitroSqueezeⓇ was soon available and started cleaning municipal and wild land fire fighting gear in Canada and the US. 

It's widespread use in the fire service industry has come about largely thanks to the diligent education by the company founders and industry experts on our team who teach fire fighters, gear manufacturers, care & maintenance facilities and key organizations about the dangers of dirty turnout gear and equipment in the workplace. With the increase in workplace cancers and other illnesses, the need for healthy and safe bunker gear, tools, and equipment has become a paramount concern for employers, fire fighters, and their families alike.