z Hydro II Portable Moisture Barrier Tester

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The Hydro II is a patented “Moisture Barrier Tester” that meets the NFPA 1851 Standard….It requires no electricity and is portable, so it can be transported from station to station…. If you are cleaning your Turnouts, you should be testing the moisture barrier as well.

From the makers of CitroSqueeze® PPE Cleaner. Hydro II gives you the rest of the cost-saving solution:

  • Sturdy, heavy-duty, all-mechanical hydrostatic tester does a single NFPA hydrostatic pressure test in 15 seconds
  • Lets you comply with NFPA required hydrostatic pressure testing of a garment in minutes—at the station or in the field—with simple hand-pump operation. No electricity required.
  • Easier, neater, faster, and much more effective than the messy, less-comprehensive “puddle test”.
  • Effectively reveals the pinpoint leaks which can cause extreme steam burn injuries…yet may escape visual inspection or a puddle test.
  • Automatically adjusts for fabric thickness or number of layers…to test a moisture barrier, a seam, or a complete section of the garment.
  • Intertek® Verified to perform Water Penetration Barrier Evaluation Testing in accordance with NFPA 1851 requirements

A moisture barrier leak can cause injury…Will you find them before it’s too late?

Hydro II Benefits:

  • Cost-saving
  • Sturdy hydrostatic testing in 15 seconds
  • Complies with NFPA required hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Easy, fast and more effective than messy “puddle tests”
  • Reveals pinpoint leaks that can cause steam burns

Hydro II - Operating Instructions Manual (newest model)